A few years ago after a car mechanic told me that he could not repair the air conditioner in my SUV I decided to take it to AAMCO on highway 377 in Keller. They were able to repair my AC and I have been going to them ever since. Now I take my SUV as well as my wife’s car, and I have become a regular customer, as both our cars are over ten years old. They have been able to repair oil leaks, brakes, AC, and even the motors on my wife’s car windows. Every time I have had to drop off one of my vehicles they have been courteous enough to give me a ride home and then pick me up once repairs are done. I think that one of their biggest assets is their honesty. They will not try to fool you or take advantage of you with unnecessary repairs. They will diagnose your vehicle, give you a good price, and you make the final decision. Without any hard sales tactics. I guess you can say that I am a very satisfied customer.